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IMAGINE the possibilities of what God has in store for your life! Stick around after the message for a whimsical after-party where you can start to imagining your future by making a vision board and of course some magical treats! So escape with us for a girls night out that will leave you […]

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Aloha, Ladies!

Escape with us to a magical island of tropical delight! It’s the ALOHA, I Am Woman night out with the girls! Be refreshed by the worship experience and a special message from Pastor Nicole. Indulge in an array of luau themed hors devours and an ocean of fun activities. […]

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Many women find themselves fighting battles of depression, suicide, low self-esteem, and many other things. A lot of times these feelings are a result of the pressures this world has put on women to feel and be beautiful as the world sees beauty.  We say bump that – We were all created by God […]

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Calling all Ladies!!! Who is ready to have a blast during our Glow Party!? Wear all white as you shine your light during Worship and enjoy an inspirational message from our very own Pastor Nicole.

Photos From Glow

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The 2016 I Am Woman Conference CREATE was an amazing conference filled with inspiring speakers, big creative moments, and fun after parties!  Just imagine for the first time seeing your dreams come to life. God gave us the power to create, and gave us the vision, the canvas, and the paint! So now it’s […]

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Are you ready to face your fears? Well don’t do it alone! Join hundreds of your closest girlfriends at “FEARLESS”.  You’ll be able to face your fears by doing something SCARY like touching a creepy crawler or something BOLD like trying a funky shade of new lipstick…This will be a night full of fearless […]

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Who doesn’t want to be happy?  That’s right – everyone!  Happy 2015 is about reminding women to stay happy no matter what the circumstances and situations.  No matter where you are in life you have reasons to be happy.  Embrace them and regain the joy in your life!

Photos […]

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Does life ever rise up and stare you right in the face daring you to continue? Challenging you to be brave? Be encouraged, let the gift of BRAVEry be released within you and see how fun being brave can actually be.

Photos From Brave

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